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Here I will be posting Free Printables for you to enjoy with your children and students.  These are for personal use and classroom use only.  Please do not reproduce them for commercial purposes.

December 22, 2017

¡Hola!  These are cards that have winter vocabulary with a touch of Christmas.  Use them to make a simple memory game.  If you are looking for another practice check the numbers right below!



December 10, 2017

¡Hola!  This is a number practice as a Gumball Bingo.  Numbers 0-100.  It also includes a writing practice.  ¡Que se diviertan!  I placed the PDF as a link next to each page of the activity.

Memoria de AnimalesMaquina de Chicles Tx

El ABC Pronunciation     Los Números PronunciationNumeros 0-100  Numeros 0-100

Chicles 2Chicles 2Chicles 3Chicles 3Candy mMaquina de Chicles

Maquina Chicles EscMaquina Chicles Escritura


November 28, 2017


¡Hola! Have you ever noticed that sometimes your students do not know how to answer the most basic questions in Spanish? Questions like “What is your name?” This will help your child or students (or yourself?) remember some of these basic questions.  This activity comes from the book:  “Libro de Conversación 1.”  You can see the book here.  Also here is first video from a series of videos to remember basic phrases.


1 Saludos

1A Saludos

1A Saludos

Estas son las respuestas:

1A Saludos Act

1A RES Saludos Act


November 18, 2017

This is for practicing “Los artículos Indefinidos.”  this comes from the Kaledoscopio Series:  Los Objetos del salón.  You can see the book here.  Don’t miss the YouTube video for extra practice here.

Objetos en plural

Objetos en plural MGA. Alphabet Space

Objetos en plural 2 AMA 2017

Objetos en plural 2 MGA. Alphabet Space 2017



November 3, 2017

Reading the letter M in Spanish.  This comes from Book 1 of the “ABC Beginning Spanish Reader’ series.  You can see more of the book here.  Don’t miss the Youtube video of this lesson here.

Reading M in Spanish Pg 1.jpg

Reading M in Spanish Pg 1

Reading M in Spanish Pg 2.jpg

Reading M in Spanish Pg 2


October 14, 2017

Halloween Flash Cards and vocabulary list.  ¡Buuuuuuuuu!

Tarjetas Halloween 1

Tarjetas Halloween 1   (PDF)

Tarjetas Halloween 2

Tarjetas Halloween 2  (PDF)

Tarjetas Halloween 2

Tarjetas Halloween 3  (PDF)

Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween Vocabulary  (PDF)