Partes del Cuerpo / Body Parts

There is a lot of content that is related to the body parts.  I will start with the basic: knowing the body parts! As time allows, I will add other related topics like describing your body: “I have brown eyes.” and its state of health: “I have a cold.”

Vocabulary Sheet

Partes del Cuerpo Vocabulario.jpg

Partes del Cuerpo Vocabulario PDF

Practice Chart

Gráfico Partes Del Cuerpo

Gráfico Partes Del Cuerpo PDF


Escribe partes del cuerpo.jpg

Escribe partes del cuerpo PDF

Update : November 24, 2018

Activity: Game

This game can be played at home or at school with a few adaptations.  I suggest reviewing the body parts before playing the game, just for extra practice.  And you’ll have their full attention as they know there will be a game after!

Haciendo Ejercicios Website.jpg

Haciendo Ejercicios PDF

Haciendo Ejercicios 1 N Website

Haciendo Ejercicios 1 PDF

Haciendo Ejercicios 2 N Website

Haciendo Ejercicios 2 PDF

Haciendo Ejercicios 3 N Website

Haciendo Ejercicios 3 PDF

For other worksheets and games related to the body parts you could use this book available in Amazon right HERE.  It also helps you practice phrases highly used in the daily routine related to the bathroom.

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