Spanish Reading Comprehension 1

When I teach my students how to read in Spanish, I start in Third Grade. Becasue I teach the language as a Second language, I like to wait until English is well set in their minds. I use a series of phonics books I created and basically take them through all the sounds of the letters when mixed with vowels or other consonants and vowels.

Once they make it to Sixth Grade, we read small chapter books and short stories and I ask them text related questions after we read. Because I am now teaching remotely, I decided to create a video with a short reading and a comprehension part to it. I color coded all the parts of speech with their meaning wight next to the Spanish text. It took me forever to make this video, but I am happy with the final result.

The video ends with a short writing activity, asking students to take a piece of paper and answer the questions again on their own in written form. I plan on creating more videos related to reading and reading comprehension as time allows! For now here is my first video. ¡Que lo disfruten!

Here are some images of the video including the questions: