These are some the resources I have created while working as a Spanish Teacher.

I have a Teachers Pay Teachers account that has various free vocabulary graphics and games for sale. Y can see it right HERE.

These are some of the books I have created to help children and elementary students learn Spanish in a fun and easy way. They are for sale in Amazon. Scroll down to see them all…

Colección Kaleidoscopio

“La colección Kaleidoscopio” is a collection of books designed to help complement and enrich your classes.  Each book contains reproducible flash cards, worksheets and games to teach Spanish vocabulary and related grammar about the topics: colors, food, clothing, etc.  Each book contains activities especially designed for students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.  The worksheets and games in these books can be used at any time, in any program, as each activity provides the vocabulary and grammar needed to complete it, giving you a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

All these books are available for sale at Amazon. Here:  Los Colores ,  Los Alimentos , La Ropa , Los Animales , Los Objetos del salón y El ABC/Números.  You can preview the books there too!

Contents Los colores [Converted]
Portada Alimentos Color 05
Portada Ropa Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05

Libro de Conversación 1

Sometimes I  have struggled with the fact that my elementary students can’t identify and answer basic questions like“¿Cómo te llamas?” (What is your name), or “¿Qué hora es” (What time is it?) after years of learning Spanish. This book “Práctica de conversación 1: Spanish Conversation Practice for Elementary Students” was created based on this need. It helps students practice short conversations related to their name, place of origin, address, age, birth date, telling time, favorite color, cost of clothing items, ordering food, etc. The book also comes with written practices to reinforce the oral contents learned in written form and answer key.   The book is available for sale in Amazon, here.  You can preview the book there too.

Cover Conversation Book 1 F

Libro de Libro de Conversación 2.  This book like book 1 helps students practice short conversations in a fun way.  New topics are:  buying and comparing clothing items, body parts and talking about being hurt or in pain, describing people using body parts and other vocabulary, places at home including where people are and object placement, the neighborhood and giving directions and talking about the weather. The book also comes with written practices to reinforce the oral contents learned in written form and answer key.   The book is available for sale in Amazon, here.


ABC Libros de Lectura Inicial

Have you been looking to improve your student’s Spanish pronunciation? Do you want to teach your students to read in Spanish?  This book, “Lectura Inicial Beginning Spanish Reader 1” can help you!   Inspired by various early readers used in Spain and Latin America, and designed within my own experience, “Lectura Inicial Beginning Spanish Reader 1”  will help you introduce the sounds of the Spanish language to your students.

The book contains phonetic lessons that introduce mixed letters and their sounds.  The lesson starts with a syllabic practice that progressively becomes more complex as students read words and sentences.  The book is also fully illustrated with creatures that are out of this world!

There are three books and these are the phonics covered in each:

Book 1:  the vowels, consonants: m, p, l, s, t, f, n, d, r, c, q, ce/ci

Book 2: b, v, g, ge/ge, j, vowel combinations, h, ñ, y, k, w, x, z

Book 3: ch, ll, al, ar, as, an, ac, am, pl, bl, pr, br, cr, fr, gr, tr,  and short readings

These books are available for sale at Amazon:   Book 1. Book 2  &  Book 3.  You can preview these books there too!

Portada Reader 1 FINAL
Portada Reader 2
Portada Reader 3 Final

The books “Frases en Español, Home Spanish Phrases to Practice with Your Kids!” contain Spanish vocabulary and phrases to practice with your child as you go through your daily routine.  The book also has reproducible flash cards, games, and activities to provide more opportunities for language practice.  The contents of this book are especially designed for young children from preschool to Second grade.  All these books are available for sale in Amazon:   Book 1, Book 2Book 3Book 4

Portada Libro Parents Bedroom.jpg
Portada Baño.jpg
Portada Libro Parents cocina.jpg
Portada Libro Parents Living Room.jpg

Coloring Books:  Urix en la Cocina and Urix in the Kitchen.

Were you looking for a way to have your children practice Spanish or English vocabulary and phrases related to food in a fun way? No need to look anymore! This bilingual coloring book combines storytelling, drawing, coloring and Spanish or English vocabulary and phrases all in one!  These books have extensive vocabulary about food and the kitchen and they come with pronunciation help. They also have fun illustrations that tell a story, so your children can delight drawing and coloring while following a story to learn Spanish or English!  In short this book is: ¡Delicioso! Delicious!

These books are on sale in Amazon:  Spanish Coloring Book, ESL  (English) Coloring Book.

Urix en la Cocina Cover.jpg
Urix in the Kitchen English Cover.jpg

Learning about Spain, A curricular unit about Spain for grades 1-3.

This book takes Urix, an alien, a Space Friend through Spain while your students learn about its geography, history, government, economy, people and culture. The book contains short readings that can be covered in a class period. Each reading has an activity to go with it. There is also a list of some of resources and websites that teachers can use to enhance and extend the lessons.

This book is available on Amazon: HERE.

Pg 28 Urix Dali.jpg
Urix Dali B

Ata la Lata

This book  “Ata la Lata” was inspired by Dr. Seuss and all his magical readers!  My son and I love them, and we spent many hours together laughing at the images while he learned to read.  I decided to create a reader that would teach the beginning sounds of the Spanish language that would have that fun appeal and have many of My Space Friends.  Besides this I decided to make the book more interactive by including areas where children could draw, so they could join in the fun in a more personal way. (You can see an example of this in the last page displayed below.)

Below you will see images of some of the cover and pages of this book and its corresponding PDF download.  This book is available in Amazon for sale: HERE.

¡Que lo disfruten!  Enjoy!

Portada Alpha Color


Bucanero Bucea 2