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¡Muchas gracias! for visiting this website! I am an Elementary Spanish Teacher working full time for the Advent School in Boston, MA. As a side passion I love creating educational materials, so what you see in this website is the result of almost 25 years teaching and creating resources for my students! I have created and continue to enhance a Spanish Curriculum for children from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. And as of February 2021 I also began working on three new sections: “Resources to Teach Remotely” “Speaking Spanish Adventures” and “Cultures.” Below you can see the latest content by date as I add it. ¡Qué ésto lés sea útil y muy divertido!

New! November 21, 2021

I created a turkey conjugating/zentangle sheet! What on Earth is this? It is a relaxing way for your students to practice conjugations in any tense and zentangle (draw patterns). I plan to have my students share their designs with something they are thankful for! You can find it HERE.

New! October 30, 2021

Hi! Almost Happy Halloween! Today I added the verb ‘tener’ (to have) in the simple present and a worksheet to practice it! It’s right HERE. By the way if you are looking for Halloween activities in Spanish go HERE. ¿Día de los Muertos? go HERE!

New! September 25, 2021

Hello! Happy School Year 2021-22! I know! It’s been a long time! I hope all of you find yourselves and your children/students in a better situation closer to what it used to be. I am so happy to be back live and teaching Spanish! I have been very busy! Today I added something I’ve been working on with my students: Useful School Spanish Phrases. I always start the year reminding my student of these phrases and classroom objects as it helps them adjust to the language and to the routine of our class. You can see vocabulary sheets and worksheets I use HERE.

New! July 24, 2021

I added the page Actividades Recreativas /Recreational Activities. It is a fun unit to do in the summer as you can use it to talk about things you are doing. It is a great way to practice the conjugations of the verb “ir” (to go) as well! You can find it HERE.

New! July 14, 2021

I created a really fun summer packet to review clothing items, el, la, los, las, changing nouns to plural, and description using colors. It also has useful phrases to practice with clothing items. Check it out HERE.

New! July 5, 2021

Olympic Update! Soon at last we’ll be able to celebrate one of the biggest world wide events: the Olympics! I created some worksheets related to sports! Check them out HERE.

Learning Spanish as a Second Language can be fun and simple with the resources available here at Alphabet Space. Though this site’s focus in on children and how to help them learn Spanish, many of the graphics, activities, videos and resources can be helpful to anyone learning the language.

Search the menu (on the top) for your area of interest.  Scroll down quick access to the three sections: Spanish Curriculum, Featured which highlights a particular resource and Our YouTube channel. I am in the process of building a Spanish Curriculum that will contain pages dedicated to every aspect: vocabulary, grammar, oral practice and reading. 

¡Mucha salud y bienestar!