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¡Muchas gracias! for visiting this website! I am an Elementary Spanish and English Teacher working full time. This website is the result of my passion of creating educational materials and games for children , so what you see in this website is the result of almost 30 years of teaching both languages and creating resources for my students! The name Alphabet Space comes from my thought of creating a ‘Space’ for alphabets of different languages.

The name of this website is also Space because of the alien creatures that enlighten many of my worksheets and games. I call them “My Space Friends” and they are my personal response as to what extraterrestrials may look like. I started drawing them since I was 12 years old.

I have created and continue to enhance a Spanish Curriculum for children from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. I am starting to create an English Curriculum as of April of 2022. There are also two additional sections I will add to as I have time: Resources to Teach Remotely and Cultures. And… check out the new section Be Green Magazine for Kids! as I will be incorporating some “green” content into this website.

Below you can see the latest content by date as I add it.

New! May 22, 2022

I created a crossword puzzle to practice the conjugation of -er verbs in the present for all subjects pronouns. You can find it HERE. ¡Que lo disfruten! Enjoy!

New! May 2, 2022

Today, I created a page for Yerba Mate. In it, you will find a great worksheet for Free to use with your first and second grade students. I had my students try the cold version of Yerba Mate called ‘Terere’. You can find tea bags that make it very easy to prepare. Their faces were priceless and some loved it and some not. You can read about Yerba Mate HERE and find the worksheet there too. There is also a great video about how they process the plant to get the Yerba Mate. ¡Que lo disfruten! Enjoy!

New! April 23, 2022

Are you looking to do something related to the planet and being green? I just completed the second volume of Be Green magazine! This is a short 8 page magazine for young children to explore some of the wonders of Earth from a green perspective. This year’s is centered around water. So it’s very refreshing! ^ ^ It is especially designed for kids Pre-K to Second Grade. I created the magazine in English and a shorter version in Spanish (4 pages). It is Free! Go HERE to check it out!

New! April 22, 2022

I added an -ar conjugation practice packet in the Presente Indicativo. It has 5 worksheets that include progressive activities that take students from words to sentences. It also has a fun crossword puzzle and a homework assignment with Answer Keys for all worksheets. You can see it HERE.

New! April 14, 2022

Today I created an English ABC’s chart. It comes with the pronunciation for both American and English pronunciation. You can see it HERE.

New! April 8, 2022

I added a fun Food Vocabulary activity where students get to practice food items while feeding a creature named Xagi. See it HERE.

New! April 3, 2022

I added a fun interactive activity where students get to practice Spanish orally saying phrases and fruits while buying and selling fruits HERE. . The packet has 5 pages and includes a worksheet with a store that students get to personalize, the fruits to buy and sell, play bills and instructions. It is a very fruitful experience! ^ ^

New! March 13, 2022

I added a really fun activity I’m doing with my students related to the Geography of Argentina HERE. It has four worksheets that help students learn about the geography of Argentina.

New! February 26, 2022

I added a fun South America puzzle activity HERE … it has four worksheets that help students learn the countries in this beautiful continent.

Learning Spanish as a Second Language can be fun and simple with the resources available here at Alphabet Space. Though this site’s focus in on children and how to help them learn Spanish, many of the graphics, activities, videos and resources can be helpful to anyone learning the language.

Search the menu (on the top) for your area of interest.  Scroll down quick access to the three sections: Spanish Curriculum, Featured which highlights a particular resource and Our YouTube channel. I am in the process of building a Spanish Curriculum that will contain pages dedicated to every aspect: vocabulary, grammar, oral practice and reading. 

¡Mucha salud y bienestar!