About Me

¡Hola! I am Maria Acuña, the founder of Alphabet Space and creator of My Space Friends.

I have been teaching Spanish as a second language for the last twenty six years at the The Advent School, an elementary school in Boston, Massachusetts. I also teach English as a Second Language (to elementary students) online when I have time.

Previous to this, I taught English as a Second Language to children from Preschool to Third grade in my native country, Venezuela.  Additionally I have worked as an illustrator and Graphic Designer and have one year of experience as an Art Director Assistant in an Advertising Company in Venezuela.   This knowledge of graphic arts and my love for visual arts has enriched my teaching (and learning) all my life!  It allows me to create all the materials and Space Friends! you see in this website.

I can speak Spanish, English, Korean (Advanced Beginner) and Italian (Beginner).

I received my master’s degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at the Universidad Nacional Abierta in Caracas, Venezuela. I also completed a 3 year program in Graphic Design in the Instituto de Diseño Perera in Caracas, Venezuela.

I am blessed to use my love for children, language, design and cultures of this world in all that I do.

I hope the content of this website can be helpful to you!  Learning languages not only helps you communicate, it opens the door to a whole world of cultural knowledge of the people who speak this language and ultimately makes you a better person.  It is so good for your brain too!    Remember to stay consistent in your practice.  Making that language part of your life is key to practicing it often and ultimately knowing it better.  All the best in this process!

¡Muchas Gracias!   Thank you!   감사합니다!  Grazie!  For visiting this site!

Maria Gabriela Acuña