Be Green Magazine

This magazine was born out of my desire to give young children (3-8), a magazine that in an optimistic way teaches them how to observe and care for our environment and ultimately planet Earth. It’s called Be Green Magazine for Kids. I used some of My Space Friends in it. Please do not reproduce with commercial intent. (All my characters are copyrighted.) The plan is to create an issue every year.

Volume 2. Year 2022

I’m so excited to present to you the second volume of Be Green Magazine for Kids! This year’s issue centers around water, so it’s very refreshing! ^ ^

I will place photos of each page first and then a PDF that you can download. The idea is that you can make double sided copies of 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 in letter sized paper and put them together in a book form by folding it in half. There is a game, it should be in the middle (if you opened the magazine to the middle).

English Version

This is the English version, you will find a shorter version in Spanish further down:

Spanish Version

I hope your children learn about the environment and have fun with it! If you have time, drop me a note with any comments or suggestions after you use it. Thank you!

Volume 1. Year 2020

This year I only did one in English… there is a PDF for every page.