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Elementary Spanish Teachers can enrich their Spanish curriculum in the Kindergarten and Elementary level with books that include simple Spanish lessons with reproducible activities, worksheets, visual aids and games with interesting and useful Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar and Spanish phrases.

Flag of Argentina. Coloring and writing activities for K-6.

This is the flag of Argentina:

The flag of Argentina is a triband, composed of three equally wide horizontal bands colored light blue and white.

The flag was created by Manuel Belgrano and was first raised at the city of Rosario on February 27, 1812, during the Argentinian War of Independence.

There are multiple interpretations on the reasons for those colors. One is that the blue stripes represent the sky and the white one the clouds. The sun called “sol de Mayo” (May sun) was added later in 1818 in reference to the sun breaking through the clouds when the first Argentinian government was declared on May 25th of 1810. Another meaning for the light blue is freedom.

Argentina’s flag day falls on June 20th. This is the day that Manuel Belgrano (the flag’s creator) died.


Talk to your students about the flag of Argentina, who created it and the meaning of its stripes and its sun. Then have the students complete these worksheets accordingly. The first one is a sample for free. To get the rest which can be previewed further down fo HERE.

English Version:

Spanish / Bilingual Version:

The following worksheet is for older students. Students have to answer questions related to the design and history of the flag of Argentina:

You can find another great idea related to the Argentinian flag HERE.

Reflexive Verbs & Pronouns in Spanish

The easiest way to explain this kind of verbs to my students has been to say that there are times when we want to specify that the action of a verb is reflected on oneself instead of someone else or an object. So for example when I say I brush, but it is my hair that I’m brushing I need to add something to make it personal. That something is called a reflexive pronoun. Here is a chart I created with all the reflexive pronouns and typical uses (plus regular verbs often used!)

Here is the PDF for a really good download:

These are its uses with more examples:

1) Add the reflexive pronoun before the conjugated verb. They are often used to talk about one’s daily routine. For example:

I brush my teeth everyday.

Yo me cepillo los dientes todos los días.

I take a shower after I do exercise.

Yo me baño después de hacer ejercicios.

I eat breakfast around 7:00AM.

Yo me desayuno alrededor de las 7:00AM.

2) Add the reflexive pronoun after the verb in infinitive form. Because the verb must be in infinitive it is often combined with “gustar” (to like), “ir” (to go) and “tener” (to have). This pattern is often used for commands, or to express activities that you like or are going to do. Look how the previous sentences change in this pattern:

I like to brush my teeth.

Me gusta cepillarme todos los días.

I have to take a shower after I exercise.

Tengo que bañarme después de hacer ejercicios.

I go to eat breakfast around 7:00AM.

Voy a desayunarme alrededor de las 7:00AM.

Soon to come: worksheets! ^ ^

Fun Halloween Games in Spanish

Hello! Are you looking for games to play with your kids/students? You have appeared at the right place! Boooooahhhhh hahaaa!

This is a board game my students absolutely love. It allows students to practice Halloween related vocabulary while learning the name of the characters in Spanish. It comes in a packet where I provide four versions! Two in color and two in B&W. There is a big file 11 x 17 that can be enlarged further. There is another file that provides the game in two letter size papers that can be placed on each side of the inside of file folders. This allows you to create multiple games easily and play with a large class divided into smaller groups. You can find HERE at Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.99.

Here is the cover of the packet with my students and an enlarged B&W version that we colored in together:

I also created a Halloween Flash Cards, Wall Words and Games bundle!!! It has an illustrated vocabulary Halloween list and worksheets as well! It is available at Teacher Pay Teachers for $3.99. Take a peek at its great fun contents. A Preview is included below…

Here is the complete preview:

Being Green. Where do I start?

This is a list of things that can help you become a greener person. Choose a few to begin with and as you master them, continue to choose more. And share your efforts…pass it on! The more people doing these… the better for Planet Earth!

Buy a reusable water bottle  and fill it up with… tap water (if you can)!

Recycle and reuse as much as you are able.  Bring things you do not need anymore to second hand stores.  Some you can even re-sell!

Compost! So much of what we throw out daily can go back to being dirt!

Do not use plastic straws. Choose paper straws if you really need them.  You can also buy a metal reusable one and carry it in your bag.

Switch all your lightbulbs to CFLs (or at least switch a few).

Choose to bring your silverware for your lunch at work, instead of using plastic ware.  You can even leave it a work and wash it and keep it there.

Bring your own refillable mug to Starbucks to drink your morning coffee.  This saves trees!  Less cups being used and less energy in processing its trash.

Choose shared transportation, whether it’s a train, bus or car pooling, over individual driving.  Or walk, scoot or ride your bike to work. These choices makes a huge difference in our environment!

Check the labels when ever you are buying food.  Some foods contain ingredients that are destroying the rainforest like palm oil.  If there is an open produce market near you, shop there. The food is grown by local farmers and it’s plastic free. Choose local over imported food, this makes for less transportation and less burning of fossil fuels.

Check the labels on the clothing you wear. What is the material made out of?  Do you know about the working conditions of the people who created the product? Buy clothing made of natural fibers and avoid buying clothing made in countries that mistreat their workers.

Keep the lights off for as long as you can—open your curtains and enjoy natural light.  Turn off your computer and all electronics at night.

Use cloth napkins daily instead of paper.

Pay your bills online.  Put a stop to unsolicited mail—sign up to opt out of catalogs, and pre-screened credit card offers.

Stop using plastic bags. Get reusable mesh bags for you produce too.  Avoid buying items packaged in plastic. Do not buy plastic items unless you have no other option.

The Colors

Hello! I have a very special vocabulary chart with the colors today. It includes my Space Friends: Xluptinos! I had a blast creating it! Here it is:

I created a very complete packet for students from K-3 that has many fun activities. This is the list of contents:

And here is a preview:

You can buy it HERE for $4.99. It has 24 pages of colorful fun!

And this one is very special to me. In a way it is a dream come true. A dream I had shelved in 1998 after completing the illustrations. Finally I have the time and the technology that allowed me to finish it and publish it! It is a Workbook for young learners: PreK and K. Here is the cover and a preview:

This is my favorite image in the book…

So sweet right?!!! I love strawberries and cream so that was the inspiration! Oh no! I’m craving it now! ^ ^