Play is the natural way in which every child learns.  Create some board games with your children to play.   They will enjoy creating it with you and be so excited to play it!    Or… Can you play “Candyland” in Spanish?  Si! Si! Si!

And here are some websites your children can enjoy.  Sit with your children and navigate the sites together to find something to play and practice.  Have fun!

1       El Huevo de Chocolate

This site from Spain has songs.  Check out other areas if you have time.  It’s for elementary students.

2       Spanish Flash Cards

Practice basic vocabulary with awesome picture flash cards as you

repeat the words after native Spanish speakers.

3       Primera Escuela

Actividades Infantiles y Educación Preescolar

This site is full of all kinds of activities.  Check out the Alfabeto activities.

4       Juegos de Palabras

This site totally in Spanish contains many word related games. It’s great for older elementary students or native Spanish speakers looking to practice their literacy skills.