La Ropa / Clothing

February 21, 2018

Clothing items, there are so many!  I will start with a basic list that includes a bit of every season items.  I created a chart for them and also a phrase chart that includes the usage of clothing items and colors.

I recently attended a conference called NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and one thing I took away is that it is important to think about how useful the language we teach is.  Ever wondered why is it important to say what you are wearing or its color?  When do you ever use that in real conversation?  “Today I am wearing a red dress and black shoes.”  Like yeah!  I can see that!  Yet it’s part of so many foreign language books and classes…including mine!  I see the utility in the sense of practicing the use of adjectives with nouns… but there are other ways to accomplish this… from now on I’m starting to phase this out!

Vocabulary List

Vocabulario la ropa copy Website.jpg

Vocabulario La Ropa ©Maria Acuña 2005


La Ropa Gráfico Maria Acuna 2018

PDF: La Ropa Gráfico ©Maria Acuna 2018

La Ropa Frases Gráfico Maria Acuna 2018

PDF: La Ropa Frases Gráfico ©Maria Acuna 2018


Use the previous vocabulary list for support.

Crucigrama Ropa Maria Acuña 2018

PDF: Crucigrama Ropa ©Maria Acuna 2017

Update April 3, 2020

¡Hola! I created a video that allows students to practice clothing items, what people are wearing, where the clothing is in a room and possessive adjectives. A writing practice follows with the answer sheet.