Las Emociones / Emotions

December 4, 2021

Seems so timely to post about this… I don’t know about you but I feel we are at an all emotional time… holidays, Covid new variant Omicron looming in our midst and our continued social unrest for social and environmental justice. So it was good to channel some of my emotions creating the following graphic. I included 4 states: being cold, hot, hungry and thirsty as well as I felt ^ ^ it was more useful in daily life than say hysterical or embarrased. (This is why the title says Las Emociones y… and (some states of being).

Black and White version:

Most emotions can be used in combination with the verb to be in its ‘estar’ form. Example:

Yo estoy feliz. ( I am happy)

I will create another graphic with the verb estar included and worksheet soon to practice the emotions soon.

One can also use the verb to feel : ‘sentir’ conjugated. It is reflexive so you will need the reflexive particles. Example:

Yo me siento feliz.

The verb ‘sentir’ in the simple present:

Yo me siento ( I feel )

Tu te sientes (you feel)

El/ Ella/ Usted se siente (he/ she/ you formal singular) feels

Nosotros nos sentimos (we feel)

Vosotros os sentís (you familiar plural feel))

Ellos/ Ustedes se sienten (they/ you formal plural feel)

Well that’s all for today… more emotions material coming soon…!