Los Alimentos Worksheets K-3

Worksheet 1

Here is a worksheet to write food items in Spanish and draw them.  It also gives students a chance to draw their own:


Worksheet 2

Crossword puzzle to practice food items in Spanish:

Food Crossword search in Spanish. ©Maria G. Acuña www.alphabetspace.com. pdf.jpg

PDF: Food in Spanish Crossword

Worksheet 3

For practicing the plural of food nouns in Spanish:

Alimentos en Plural ©Maria G Acuña 2016 www.alphabetspace.com.jpg

PDF: Alimentos en Plural

Worksheet 3

I posted an interactive activity at Teachers Pay Teachers where students can buy and sell fruits. The packet comes with a fruit store, fruits and bills.

See it HERE for $2.50 at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Worksheet 4

This fun worksheet will allow students to get extra practice by feeding the following cute creature named Xagi. See it HERE for $1.50 at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Game: Comprando Alimentos / Buying Food

I posted a game at Teachers Pay Teachers that takes your child/student on a grocery shopping spree! They will practice food items, likes and dislikes and the price of the food items (numbers 0-60).

See it HERE.