Los Animales / Animals

April 29, 2019

¡Hola!  Animals… there are so many to teach!  I am going to start with farm animals.  These are usually the most accessible to children and I will include the main pets.  This is the vocabulary list:

Vocabulario los animales Website 2019.jpg

PDF: Vocabulario los animales de la granja.

Dibuja-Colorea animales. Website 2019. ai.jpg

PDF:  Dibuja-Colorea animales.


Dibujando y escribiendo. Website 2019.jpg

PDF: Dibujando y escribiendo.

All these worksheets came from the book:  Los Animales.  This book has many worksheets and games related to farm animals and it expands the vocabulary into grammatical concepts such as the use singular and plural, the use of gender in adjectives, describing animals by size and by a particular characteristic based on body parts.  Also basic vocabulary is reviewed in relation to animals like the colors and numbers.  To buy the book click HERE.

Portada Objetos Color 05

These are some videos that can reinforce the learning of farm animals: