Los Objetos del Salón / Classroom Objects

Here are a couple of graphics related to classroom objects.  Classroom objects and related phrases are always in my list of things to review with students to get them back into asking and getting around in the classroom using Spanish phrases.

Los Objetos del Salón Gráfico.jpg

Los Objetos del Salón Gráfico Maria Acuna 2018 www.alphabetspace.com

Los Objetos Frases Gráfico Maria Acuna 2018 www.alphabetspace.com.jpg

PDF: Los Objetos Frases Gráfico Maria Acuna 2018 www.alphabetspace.com

This is a short fun video that reinforces some of the classroom objects vocabulary while inviting students to participate by repeating the words:

Here are a couple of worksheets to practice:

Crucigrama de Objetos Ama 2017ai.jpg

Pegando Objetos AMA 2017.jpg


For more activities check out the book “Los Objetos del Salón.”  It contains even more activities related to classroom objects and grammatical concepts related to definite articles, demonstrative adjectives and the formation of plural.

Do you want to play a game to reinforce the classroom objects? go HERE.