Los Pronombres Personales / Spanish Subject Pronouns

February 15, 2021

Today, I created a chart that explains with color coding the subject pronouns in Spanish. I start teaching I (yo) in Kindergarten through Second Grade students. Then in Third Grade I introduce he, she and it. There is no it in Spanish and this is really hard for students to grasp at the beginning. Basically you look at the ending of a noun and that determines whether an object is feminine or masculine.

For example: horse = caballo, so then it would be el as caballo’s las vowel is o

The rest of the subjects I introduce in the Fourth Grade save for “vosotros”. I find that “vosotros” is so close in pronunciation to nosotros that it tends to confuse them. Also this subject does not exist in English so it makes it even harder for students to understand what it is they are saying when they are using it. “What is the difference between nosotros and vosotros?” they ask… I usually say, “Well, it’s like a subject somewhere between you and we but it’s plural! ^ ^ If you have heritage students then it’s fine to add it to their list.

Here is the chart: