Making a Paper Roll Marionette


3 toilet paper rolls

tempera or acrylic paint, brushes

beads (4 that are bigger (or heavier)


tongue depressors

hot glue gun

googly eyes or white card stock to draw features


Decide on the animal you will create. Cut one of the rolls in half for its head.

Draw and cut out ears and other body parts from the paper roll.

Paint the paper rolls according to the color of your chosen animal.

Puncture the “body” paper roll to place the legs. A sharp pencil works. Do the same with the feet.

Thread the marionette’s legs. Use tape in the end if your string does not hold its fibers together.

Use tape under the feet for extra reinforcement.

Attach a string to attach the head, use beads for the neck and thread through the top, Make the string long enough to attach to the controller.

Draw eyes (or use googly eyes) and glue all face features.

Make the controller. Use two tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. Glue them together and reinforce with string wrapped around the joining part.

Tie another long string to the tail end. Tie both head and tail end strings to the controller on two opposite sides. And…



All these images were taken by me. If you wish to repost ask for permission by commenting. Thank you!