Noche de Brujas / Halloween

Buuuuu!!!  Here are some spooky activities to celebrate Halloween.

This is a vocabulary list:

Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween Vocabulary

This worksheet well help children practice the Halloween related words… watch out!  That witch has been know to cast awful spells!

EL Cabello de la Bruja Worksheet.jpg

EL Cabello de la Bruja Worksheet

I created a Halloween Flash Cards, Wall Words and Games bundle!!! It has an illustrated vocabulary Halloween list and worksheets as well! It is available at Teacher Pay Teachers for $3.99. Take a peek at its great fun contents. A Preview is included further down…

Here is the complete preview:

This is a board game my students absolutely love. You can find HERE at Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.99.

It allows students to practice Halloween related vocabulary while learning the name of the characters in Spanish. In this packet I provide four versions. Two (color and B&W) that can be placed in file folders so you can create multiple games easily and play with a large class and two that are like the one above that you could enlarge in a copy center in both color and B&W. Here is the cover of the packet with my students and an enlarged B&W version that we colored in together:

And finally here is a video that you can use to practice the different Halloween characters: