Lugares en el vecindario / Places in the Neighborhood

February 20, 2019

Hello! Today I am excited to create this page about the neighborhood. It is an unit I enjoy a lot with my students! I created a chart with some of the places in the neighborhood, I tried to think from a child’s perspective… what are the places the use the most. Here it is:

Update March 22, 2020: Because this is one of the units I’m teaching from home due to the Coronavirus, I will update activities I create as I have time. This is a video I just finished:

Here is writing activity. It’s intended for fourth grade and up:

I also created a game based on the card game “Old Maid.” With this game students can practice some of the places in the neighborhood in a fun way. These are the instructions:

These are the cards:

You will need a copy of the vocabulary list I posted way on the top. Keep one (or a few) near the in case they need to check.

For more written activities check out the book Libro de Conversación 2, it has conversations and written practices with places in the neighborhood. You can see it HERE.

Update April 1st. Another video I created for my Fourth Graders. In it students can practice places in the neighborhood, the verb “gustar” and adjectives describing the places.