Sports / Deportes

July 5th, 2021. Olympics Update, see further down…

May 21, 2020

¡Hola! To study the vocabulary related to Sports, I like to mix it up with verb conjugations. Specifically, I like using the verb “ir” (to go ). I am currently teaching my Fifth graders remotely the verb to go in the past tense. So I created the following chart:

I also made the following video where students can practice this vocabulary and the past tense of the verb to go. It also takes through an activity where My Space Friends are in different camps and the sports that they do in each camp. It gives you the opportunity to practice sports and the conjugation of the verb to go in the past tense. I am including the worksheet that is in the video after it.

And here is another worksheet I just created fresh of the press:

July 5, 2021. Olympics Update

These worksheets will help children practice sports in the context of the olympics. There are also some more advanced ones that include reading and comprehension.