Welcome to Alphabet Space dear colleagues! In this website I attempt to share with you many ideas and resources to use with your students learning Spanish or English as a Second Language. For now my focus is the creation of resources in Spanish and English targeted to Elementary students. Many of these activities and worksheets are based on my own experience as a full time elementary Spanish Teacher and have been tested! ^ ^

I am also working on a section about the cultures of Spanish and English Speaking countries. Culture is indivisible from language and it is what gives language all of its substance. It is also very fascinating to kids! I love traveling and learning about other countries and since April of 2021 I have been taking a virtual trip through the world! Here is my website My Virtual World Trip if you are interested in learning about other countries too (where people speak other languages aside from Spanish and English!)

As a subsection to this one, I included a voice level chart you can use with your students. It is bilingual.

I wish you a wonderful 2022-2023 school year!