Welcome to Alphabet Space dear colleagues! In this website I attempt to share with you many ideas and resources to use with your students learning Spanish or English as a Second Language. For now my focus is the creation of resources in Spanish and English targeted to Elementary students. Many of these activities and worksheets are based on my own experience as a full time elementary Spanish and English Teacher and have been “tested!” ^ ^

These are some of the places where I find inspiration and guidance:

As a Spanish Teacher it is important to stay current in one’s state (or country’s) framework for the teaching of World languages. For example HERE is the the latest in Massachusetts. You can find your state’s with a simple search in the internet. Based on these I strive to create many of the resources you see in this website.

Another important source of ideas, guidelines and resources is the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: ACTFL. Their yearly convention is a great opportunity to be inspired in every way! It moves to many states across the US making it easier to attend.

Another great source are any kind of Art and Cultural activities. Museums, especially art and craft museums can bring a lot of inspiration for activities. Culinary experiences, music and dance, theater…all these components of culture make languages relevant and alive!

Here are some of the resources I have created thus far:

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great resource to find lesson plans made by teachers. I have an account HERE. It is filled with many resources at very affordable prices.

I have a My YouTube channel HERE and it contains many of my recorded remote lessons on various topics. May of these were recorded during the epidemic of Covid 19 in 2020 & 2021.

HERE are some of my books. You can see the description of some below. They are full of flash cards, worksheets, activities and games to use in your class. 

And don’t forget to check out the section Spanish Curriculum in this website.  It is filled with free worksheets and vocabulary/grammar guides.

The questions I ask myself every time I plan a lesson or create an activity are: Is this something I would want to do? What language skill will my students get from doing this? What questions do you ask yourself?

I wish you the very best in your teaching career!

Colección Kaleidoscopio

“La colección Kaleidoscopio” is a collection of books designed to help complement and enrich your classes.  Each book contains reproducible flash cards, worksheets and games to teach Spanish vocabulary and related grammar about the topics: colors, food, clothing, etc.  Each book contains activities especially designed for students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.  The worksheets and games in these books can be used at any time, in any program, as each activity provides the vocabulary and grammar needed to complete it, giving you a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

All these books are available at Amazon. Here:  Los Colores ,  Los Alimentos , La Ropa , Los Animales , Los Objetos del salón y El ABC/Números.  You can preview the books there too!

Contents Los colores [Converted]
Portada Alimentos Color 05
Portada Ropa Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05
Portada Objetos Color 05

ABC Libros de Lectura Inicial

Have you been looking to improve your student’s Spanish pronunciation? Do you want to teach your students to read in Spanish?  This book, “Lectura Inicial Beginning Spanish Reader 1” can help you!   Inspired by various early readers used in Spain and Latin America, and designed within my own experience, “Lectura Inicial Beginning Spanish Reader 1”  will help you introduce the sounds of the Spanish language to your students.

The book contains phonetic lessons that introduce mixed letters and their sounds.  The lesson starts with a syllabic practice that progressively becomes more complex as students read words and sentences.  The book is also fully illustrated with creatures that are out of this world!

There are three books and these are the phonics covered in each:

Book 1:  the vowels, consonants: m, p, l, s, t, f, n, d, r, c, q, ce/ci

Book 2: b, v, g, ge/ge, j, vowel combinations, h, ñ, y, k, w, x, z

Book 3: ch, ll, al, ar, as, an, ac, am, pl, bl, pr, br, cr, fr, gr, tr,  and short readings

These books are available for dale at Amazon:   Book 1. Book 2  &  Book 3.  You can preview these books there too!

Portada Reader 1 FINAL
Portada Reader 2
Portada Reader 3 Final