El ABC / The ABC’s

El Abecedario, El alfabeto

This is the current Spanish alphabet.  Ex-letters ch and ll were dropped from the Spanish alphabet in 2010 by the Royal Spanish Academy (La Real Academia del Español).  RR was never an official letter.  I give you two versions: one in black and one in white.  Following them there is one without the pronunciation for further practice.  (You can write them in or try saying them without seeing the pronunciation).

Note, some of the letters have more than one way of calling them.  This is my version!  I was born in Venezuela but as a Spanish teacher I try to move somewhere in between the Spanish from Spain and the Spain from Latin America.  Ultimately, whether you say “uveh” or “veh” for v, people will know what you are talking about!

The link with the PDF is right after each chart.

El ABC Lamina negro

PDF El ABC Lamina fondo negro

EL ABC LaminaPDF EL ABC Lamina

EL ABCPDF El ABC Lamina (sin pronunciacion)