Useful Phrases at School

September 25, 2021

Hello! Here I’m sharing the phrases I use in school with my students. With the younger ones (First grade) I work on phrases that help them get things they need. For example: “Necesito agua por favor.” This phrase means ” i need water please.” It is a very important phrase in my Spanish classes as it allows students to get other things too by changing agua to other things they need. “Necesito lápiz por favor.” (I need a pencil please.) “Necesito el papel por favor.” (I need the paper please).

Then I have lists that are specific for 2-3 and 4-6. We spend about two classes practicing these and I also introduce classroom objects. Then, as the year progresses, I remind student of more and more of the phrases.

Here are the lists and after them two worksheets that you can use to have them practice writing them. (There are two 4-6 phrase vocabulary sheets, one with common phrases and then the second one with phrases most likely that a teacher would use, and the student’s. I usually copy it double sided.)

I always ask students to keep this list handy in their Spanish folders (4-6) so they can refer to them and use more and more of these phrases.

Drawing worksheet:

Writing worksheet: