Useful Spanish Phrases at Home

Easy Spanish phrases at home like the following are easy to incorporate to your daily routine.  Start by replacing simple phrases like ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ for “gracias” and “de nada”.  These common Spanish phrases are easy for your children to remember and you too!  Be consistent and add more in your own pace.


Home Phrases   Frases en casa  

Thank you – You’re welcome     Gracias – De nada   (grah-cee-ahs – deh nah-dah)

Excuse me  con permiso  (cohn pehr-mee-soh)

Hurry up!  ¡apurate!  (ah-poo-rah-teh)

Come here  ven acá  (vehn akah)

Let’s go:  vamos  (vah-mohs)

Let’s eat!:  ¡vamos a comer!  (vah-mohs ah coh-mehr)

I need the ketchup please.  Necesito la salsa por favor.  (neh-ceh-see-toh lah sahl-sah pohr


Do you want to color?  Quieres colorear?  (kee-eh-rehs  koh-loh-reh-ahr?)

Do you need water? ¿Necesitas agua?  (neh ceh-cee-tahs  ah-goo-ah?)

May I have ice cream please?  ¿Puedo comer helado por favor?  (poo-eh-doh coh-mehr heh-lah-doh)

Pick up the plate, your toys  Recoje el plato, tus juguetes  (reh-coh-heh  ehl  plah-toh,  toos


I love you!  ¡Te quiero mucho!  (teh  kee-eh-roh  moo-choh!)