El Verbo “ir” / Verb “to go”

Abril 27, 2020

¡Hola! Today I created charts of the verb to go for all subjects in the simple present, past and future tenses. I created three different versions:

Here is a PDF of the last one:

Note: With this verb as with many verbs in Spanish you can start your sentence in the present tense without the subject (except for the third person) as the conjugation applies to that subject only. It is the way we usually speak… For example:

‘Voy a el restaurante.’ is the same as saying ‘Yo voy al restaurante.’

Here is a worksheet to practice the verb in the present tense with places in the neighborhood. Use the first ‘ir’ vocabulary sheet with just the present.

Here is the preview of another worksheet (double sided) and a homework packet for sale at Teachers Pay Teachers for .99cts! It also comes with answer keys: