Verbo Gustar Worksheets 4-9

Worksheet 1

The following is worksheet for practicing the conjugation of “gustar.”

Escribiendo con gustar.jpg

PDF Worksheet: Escribiendo con gustar .

Answer key:

  1.  Nos gusta el pollo.
  2. Te gustan las uvas.
  3.  Le gusta la ensalada.
  4. Les gustan las galletas.
  5. Le gusta el helado.
  6.  Me gusta el cereal.

Worksheet 2

I created the following video for my Third Graders that explains the use of me gusta and no me gusta and its plural forms:

This is the worksheet at the end of the video to practice its concepts:

Worksheet 3

I created a two page worksheet to sell at TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers). It comes with the following answer keys and homework. You can buy it HERE.

Here is a preview:

¡Muchas Gracias! … for your support.

Worksheet 4

This is a really fun activity. You know how students are always asking each other what they like to eat at lunch time? Well, this is a spin off from that… this is a class food survey! You can do with your class that will allow students to ask their classmates about their food tastes in Spanish. For example a students asks… ¿A quién le gusta comer…? Then, they write the amount of students that liked it and didn’t like it in the especially designed yes/no boxes. As an extension there is another worksheet where students complete sentences about their results and you can have them even practice writing numbers as a bonus!

You can purchase the food survey packet HERE.