Flag of Argentina. Coloring and writing activities for K-6.

This is the flag of Argentina:

The flag of Argentina is a triband, composed of three equally wide horizontal bands colored light blue and white.

The flag was created by Manuel Belgrano and was first raised at the city of Rosario on February 27, 1812, during the Argentinian War of Independence.

There are multiple interpretations on the reasons for those colors. One is that the blue stripes represent the sky and the white one the clouds. The sun called “sol de Mayo” (May sun) was added later in 1818 in reference to the sun breaking through the clouds when the first Argentinian government was declared on May 25th of 1810. Another meaning for the light blue is freedom.

Argentina’s flag day falls on June 20th. This is the day that Manuel Belgrano (the flag’s creator) died.


Talk to your students about the flag of Argentina, who created it and the meaning of its stripes and its sun. Then have the students complete these worksheets accordingly. The first one is a sample for free. To get the rest which can be previewed further down fo HERE.

English Version:

Spanish / Bilingual Version:

The following worksheet is for older students. Students have to answer questions related to the design and history of the flag of Argentina:

You can find another great idea related to the Argentinian flag HERE.

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