El Otoño / Autumn or Fall

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Time for apples and pumpkins, for leaves falling and ghosts… to begin, I created a chart that contains some basic fall vocabulary:

Gráfico Vocabulario de Otoño © 2018 Maria Acuna  Personal Use only..jpg

PDF of Fall Vocabulary.

These are flashcards, students can color and cut out to practice.  They can also be used as a memory game.Tarjetas de Otoño 1 AMA 18.jpg

PDF Tarjetas de Otoño 1 

Tarjetas de Otoño 2 AMA 18.jpg

PDF Tarjetas de Otoño 2

This is a game to practice the fall vocabulary.

Recogiendo Manzanas Texto AMA 2018.jpg

PDF Recogiendo Manzanas Text

Recogiendo Manzanas 1 AMA 2018

PDF Illustration of game Recogiendo Manzanas 

Recogiendo Manzanas 2

PDF of Basket for game Recogiendo Manzanas