El Verbo “gustar” (to like)

I like that you are venturing into the use of the verb “to like” (gustar.)  I made the following graphic that explains the conjugations of “gustar” for singular and multiple nouns. The only difference in the conjugation is the addition of letter ‘n’ for plural.


gustar graphic.jpg

PDF Verb “to like” “gustar” graphic

The following is worksheet for practicing the conjugation of “gustar.”

Escribiendo con gustar.jpg


PDF Worksheet: Escribiendo con gustar .


Answer key:

  1.  Nos gusta el pollo.
  2. Te gustan las uvas.
  3.  Le gusta la ensalada.
  4. Les gustan las galletas.
  5. Le gusta el helado.
  6.  Me gusta el cereal.

April 2020

I created the following video for my Third Graders that explains the use of me gusta and no me gusta and its plural forms:

This is the worksheet at the end of the video to practice its concepts: