¿Qué? What? to teach your children: Spanish Content.

¿Qué?  What?  to teach your children: Spanish Content.

There is a lot of content to learn in Spanish. So much it can be truly overwhelming having to choose.  As a teacher and learner of languages (Spanish, English, Italian and Korean)  I have been in that place.  There are a few questions that have helped me the most in getting through this. They are:  What would I like to be able to say?  What would I like to understand?  What am I going to use the language for?

There are no shortcuts in learning a language.  Learning just phrases is not knowing a language.  Once you run out of phrases you know then so does your ability to communicate.  However I believe phrases are a good place to begin. Then you have build up this knowledge with basic grammatical understanding and vocabulary.  This is the only way you can create new phrases on your own and well have a real conversation!  Then as you master basic grammatical structures you will find you need to know a lot of vocabulary!

So where to start?  As a parent you have one of the biggest assets:  your daily routine.  There is so much you say and do during the daily routine and in a repeated way that it makes it a perfect starting point!   This is a rough plan I came up with.  You can use it as a base for yours.

The Daily Routine Plan

Here are some really useful phrases to get you started.

I also created this series of books to help parents use the daily routine to teach the language:

Portada Libro Parents Bedroom.jpg    Portada Baño.jpg

Portada Libro Parents cocina.jpg     Portada Libro Parents Living Room.jpg

All these books are available in Amazon:   Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4

Now you have a lot of phrases!  So now comes a bit of grammatical knowledge. here is an outline of some of the basic grammatical content you can cover with children up to Sixth Grade: