La Comida / Food

Hola, here is a graphic of basic food items I’ve just created.  Perfect to hang in the refrigerator door and practice.  In time, I will create others there are so many food items and vocabulary and phrases related to food!   Below that you will find some worksheets to practice food vocabulary and the use of definite articles.

Food Chart.jpg


Food Chart PDF

These are some activities to practice the vocabulary, including a list of words to use as a reference.

Vocabulario los alimentos AMA 2016

Vocabulario los alimentos PDF

Food Crossword search in Spanish. ©Maria G. Acuña pdf.jpg

Food Crossword PDF

Alimentos en Plural ©Maria G Acuña 2016

Alimentos en Plural PDF

Update April 1, 2020

I have been teaching remotely and these are some videos and worksheets I’ve created for my third graders: