Los Alimentos / Food

Hola, here is a graphic of basic food items in Spanish I’ve just created.  Perfect to hang in the refrigerator door and practice.  In time, I will create others there are so many food items and vocabulary and phrases related to food!   Below that you will find some worksheets to practice food vocabulary and the use of definite articles.

These are some activities to practice the vocabulary, including a list of words to use as a reference.

Vocabulario los alimentos AMA 2016

PDF: Vocabulario los alimentos

Update January 29, 2021

Here is a worksheet to write food items in Spanish and draw them.  It also gives students a chance to draw their own:


Crossword puzzle to practice food items in Spanish:

Food Crossword search in Spanish. ©Maria G. Acuña www.alphabetspace.com. pdf.jpg

PDF: Food in Spanish Crossword

Worksheet to practice the plural formation of food related nouns in Spanish:

Alimentos en Plural ©Maria G Acuña 2016 www.alphabetspace.com.jpg

PDF: Alimentos en Plural

Update April 1, 2020

Video that explains the use of the verb “gustar”… with short conversations:

Writing with the verb “gustar” followed by its answer sheet.

Video to practice ¿Cuánto cuesta? How much does it cost? in Spanish.

Worksheet that you can use after this video followed by its answer sheet:

March 31, 2021

I just posted a game at Teachers Pay Teachers that for $3.00 can take your child/student on a grocery shopping spree! They will practice food items, likes and dislikes and the price of the food items (numbers 0-60).

See the great deal HERE.