The Colors

Hello! I have a very special vocabulary chart with the colors today. It includes my Space Friends: Xluptinos! I had a blast creating it! Here it is:

I created a very complete packet for students from K-3 that has many fun activities. This is the list of contents:

And here is a preview:

You can buy it HERE for $4.99. It has 24 pages of colorful fun!

And this one is very special to me. In a way it is a dream come true. A dream I had shelved in 1998 after completing the illustrations. Finally I have the time and the technology that allowed me to finish it and publish it! It is a Workbook for young learners: PreK and K. Here is the cover and a preview:

This is my favorite image in the book…

So sweet right?!!! I love strawberries and cream so that was the inspiration! Oh no! I’m craving it now! ^ ^

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